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To Parent Purposefully

Parents will always be the significant role model in a child’s life. What you put in…you get out.

Are you currently ‘Winging it’ with your parent skills and hoping for the best?

Have you ever considered what your child will be like in their teens? … if you haven’t, now is the time to ponder this for a moment.

More and more teens are struggling with depression, anxiety, and even suicide. What if I told you there are ways to parent that are simple, and at the same time help you to establish positive behaviour in your child in preparation for the teenage years, so they are more empowered, secure and confident … would you be interested?

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Your Time is NOW!

We only have 1 shot at this parenting ‘gig’ and we cannot afford to just ‘Wing It’, your children deserve better, don’t you think?

You have a newborn…1 time. An adolescent…1 time. Your teenager will be a teen…1 time. We don’t get a ‘do-over’.

Your child is your Forever… friends, spouses, homes, cars, jobs, careers, can all come and go in your life, but the one thing that never changes is, you will ALWAYS be the mother or father of your child, and this relationship lasts your lifetime. It is Profound. Your children deserve the best of you, and they deserve to have the best life.

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Janine is the best-selling author of “Parent to Parent”
A Personal Journey of Raising Extraordinary Children by Teaching Essential Life Skills

About Janine

My history has had its challenges. In a nut shell, I was adopted, struggled for a relationship with my family, got married and it lasted 10 years, and had two children. When my kids were 6 & 4, I found myself a divorced single mom, working full time and basically paycheck to paycheck. I got married again only to find this was not what I expected, and quickly divorced again within 3 years.

Complicated right? I share this because the one thing I got right, even through all the chaos, and that ‘thing’ was raising my kids.

How do I know I did it right? My kids now in their late 20’s have actually thanked me on several occasions for raising them to be who they are. They have great character, meaning they are responsible, confident, resilient, stable, compassionate humans with a great sense of humor, and people I love to spend time with. Not only that, when they were 17 and 19 they unexpectedly gave me my parental report card, and I passed! This was accomplished without a load of rules or using bribes, just behavioural training.

My story also ends with a happy ending….I am in a healthy relationship now, my kids are both successful entrepreneurs, are happily married, and I became a Grandmother!!

I tell you all this because I want the same for You and your Children. No matter your life situation or circumstance, there is hope for all parents to raise emotionally healthy children.

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I am interested in Your Story, Your Struggles, Your Parenting Success!!