Janine is a mother of two and has successfully walked the path of separation, divorce, single parenting and blending families. While she admits her parenting journey may not have always been eloquent, she was able to raise confident, compassionate, and secure children by learning when to stand strong, when to let go, and how to parent purposefully throughout.

Janine developed a passion for helping other parents’ parent purposefully, while on her own journey of raising her two children.  During her own parental years, she wished she had consistent support for the issues she faced.  Friends, family, books, and google all provided information however, it was inconsistent and not always on point for her specific struggles.  After writing her best-selling book, Janine decided to professionally begin her Parent Coaching career and excel in making the parenting journey successful for both the parent and child. She is interested in YOUR storey, YOUR struggles, and YOUR parenting success, and is committed to finding solutions to help you on your parenting journey.

Janine is the best-selling author of “Parent to Parent”, A Personal Journey of Raising Extraordinary Children by Teaching Essential Life Skills, a Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, and a Veteran Facilitator of Parents of Teens and Single Parent Groups.

Wholeheartedly believing, we do better when we know better, Janine has set out to share her passion of raising emotionally healthy children in an ever-changing world.


“Janine’s compassion for parents, youth and children in challenging circumstances is strong and unwavering.  Her encouragement, modelling and respect have given the parents she works with the forum to connect with each other, to find empowerment within themselves, and to find renewed hope for their relationship with their families and their children.”


“Without family support raising children on your own is very difficult. So many things I didn’t know how to handle or what to say to my children. Janine helped me to stop and picture myself as the child and what would I want to hear and how to communicate that way. Such a blessing!”


“I didn’t know how to approach the topic of divorce with my children and I wasn’t comfortable talking to my family or friends.  I like that talking to Janine was confidential and easy.  Things were more complicated as there is a divorce happening now too.  It was hard for me to ask for help but it is also the best advice I can give another father.”


“I recently married and my kids and my husband’s kids didn’t get on well.  Age difference is what I thought it was all about and that it would work itself out.  I am so glad I didn’t wait for that to happen.   My friend told me about Janine so I called her and let’s say it did take some work but we are now moving toward a much happier family.  Thank you so much!”


After talking with Janine, I had a better understanding of my 8 and 11-year-old boys and why they did the things they did.  I had several questions and she helped me to answer them myself giving me clarity in my parenting style.  I realize what I say and do has a big impact on my children and I stopped getting angry with them and looked at what I was doing to create that reaction.  Thanks Janine!”


I thought I would lose my mind and that I tried everything.  Talking with Janine put things into perspective that I didn’t consider and now I enjoy an easier time with my children.”


“I found Janine to be understanding. She really listened to me and I feel I am a much better parent now.  I highly recommend her to anyone going through a divorce or separation.”


I really needed some help with my teenage kids and Janine was there.  I wish I had met her a long time ago!”


Janine is full of wisdom and insights that I never thought of.  Thank you for helping me change into a better parent!”